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Cinco de Mayo is a traditional holiday in Mexico that is celebrated annually on the 5th of May and commemorates the Mexican victory over the French in the 1862 Battle of Puebla. If you are planning a Cinco de Mayo or other Mexican-themed celebration at your house, you need to make sure that you are stocked up on Coronas and guacamole and that your home is festively decorated.

The Perfect Piñata

Selecting the perfect piñata for your fiesta can be a matter of personal preference, but with a wide variety of animals, shapes and cartoon characters available, it is a good idea to think about who is going to be taking a whack at this party game. Young children will enjoy recognizable faces like Dora the Explorer, while adults might prefer something more traditional like a star or a burro. It is also important to think about the filling of the pinata: Use candy and small toys for the kiddies and mini-liquor bottles and beads for the grownups.

Papel Picado Banners

These banners, made from colorful cut paper, are a Mexican tradition. You can purchase them at your local crafts or party-supply store or you can make your own with sheets of brightly colored tissue paper and scissors. Even children can be involved in making this craft.

Festive Attire

Not only should your house be adorned in all of the traditional Mexican embellishments, you can also tie in sombreros and ponchos to make your Cinco de Mayo theme complete. You can purchase a sombrero at your local party-supply store, or try asking a Mexican restaurant near you for a free one. For a fun craft idea, put beads or dry beans in a can and cover the opening with masking tape. Paint the can and decorate it with sequins and glitter for homemade maracas.

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