How to Decorate With Christmas Rope Lights


American Christmas traditions often involve hanging outdoor blinking lights for decoration. Rope lights are a type of light often used outdoors; the strand of light is placed inside a clear plastic tube. The lights form an even design, yet can be bent and manipulated for a variety of embellishment methods. Rope lights come in a variety of Christmas colors and can include blinking and chaser effects.

Step 1

Create shapes such as trees, candy canes and stars using outdoor wiring. Metal shapes can also be purchased at most home improvement centers. Line the shapes with rope lighting; attach the lights using plastic clips or metal twists.

Step 2

Line driveways, sidewalks and other walking paths with rope lighting. Fasten lights to fence posts and gazebos. Wrap the lights around architectural columns and beams. Alternate red and white lights on porch railings for a candy cane effect. Accent mailboxes, basketball hoops and additional yard items for an additional Christmas glow.

Step 3

Accentuate architectural angles of a house including the rooftop and windows when attaching rope lighting. Alternate Christmas colors such as red, white and green. Connect lights to gutters and windows using plastic clips. Hammer small metal clips into the rooftop to hold clips in place. Highlight additional features such as balconies, porches and doorways by outlining shapes with rope lighting.

Things You'll Need

  • Rope lights
  • Plastic clips
  • Metal clips
  • Wire forms
  • Extension cords


  • Christmas Carnival
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