St. Patrick's Day Word Games

The Irish in everyone comes out on St. Patrick's Day. Green clothes, leprechauns and shamrocks are key to celebrating the spring holiday. Adding a few St. Patrick's Day word games to the celebration makes the day entertaining. The holiday word games work well as an education activity in the classroom or at a St. Patrick's Day party for kids of all ages.

Word Scramble

A St. Patrick's Day word scramble is a simple game to prepare, but it challenges the participants. Create a list of St. Patrick's Day words. Words might include "shamrock," "leprechaun," "green," "gold," "rainbow," "Irish," "Ireland" and "luck." Rearrange the letters of each word so they appear as a jumble of letters. Make a copy of the jumbled St. Patrick's Day words for each participant. The players unscramble the words as fast as possible. You can set a time limit or award a prize to the first person to get all of the words complete.

Word Search

A word search is another simple St. Patrick's Day word game. Hide the St. Patrick's Day words in a grid of rows and columns of letters. Several sites such as allow you to put words into a word search builder. The program then places your words into a word search allowing you to simply print it and photocopy the St. Patrick's Day word search.


A themed Bingo game incorporates St. Patrick's Day words in an entertaining format. A simple five-by-five grid of squares allows you to make your own St. Patrick's Bingo cards. Fill in your choice of words that relate to the holiday. Create a set of cards with each word on them. Draw one card at a time giving the players time to cover the selected word on their cards. For a festive touch, use large shamrock confetti as the space markers on the Bingo boards.

Shamrock Word Challenge

Cut out small paper shamrocks. Write one letter on each shamrock. The letters used are up to personal preference, but there should be enough letters to create several different words. Give each participant the same set of letters for a fair game. The players use the letters to create as many words as possible. When they create a word, they write it on a recording sheet. The shamrock letters can then be reused to create another word. The player who creates the most words wins.

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