St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Toddlers

Organize St. Patrick's Day-themed crafts for your toddlers that feature colors and shapes associated with the holiday on March 17. Use basic craft supplies and simple techniques to help the young children express their creativity to design and embellish their own St. Patrick's keepsakes to display at home or in the classroom.

Clover Frame

Let the children create easy St. Patrick's frames to hang on a refrigerator. Give each child three to four green card stock die cut clovers sold at scrapbooking or craft stores. Provide markers, rubber stamps and ink or crayons that the toddlers can use to embellish the clover shapes. Use white glue or double-stick tape to affix the clovers across the bottom of a pre-made chipboard or foam frame sold at craft or art supply stores. Place two strips of magnetic adhesive on the back of the clover frame.

Rainbow Hat

Help the toddlers design a rainbow hat featuring gold "coins." Cut a 3-inch-wide strip of green craft foam that's long enough to fit around the child's head, allowing the ends to overlap by 1 inch. Apply strips of double-stick tape where the ends overlap to create the "hat." Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the center of a paper plate to create an "O" shape. Cut the circle in half and use one half as the base for the rainbow. Let the child use markers or paints to color the rainbow's lines. Affix the rainbow to the front of the green foam ring with white glue or double-stick tape. Glue 1-inch circles cut out of yellow craft foam around the band of the hat to represent coins at the end of the rainbow.

Shamrock Wreath

Create simple wreaths covered with paper shamrocks to hang in a window or on a door or bulletin board. Make a paper ring by cutting the center out of a paper plate to generate an "O" shape. Give each child 10 to 12 shamrock shapes cut out of card stock. Let the kids decorate the shapes with markers, glitter glue, colored pencils and stickers. Affix the shamrocks to the circle with white glue, letting the edges overlap so the ring doesn't show through. Thread one end of a 10-inch-long piece of ribbon through the center of the wreath and tie the ends in a knot to form a loop to hang the wreath.

Texture Painting

Help the toddlers experiment with paints and textures by designing shamrocks to display on a door, bulletin board or window. Cut 6- to 8-inch-tall shamrock shapes out of white card stock with scissors or a craft knife. Pour dark green washable paint onto a paper plate. Provide an assortment of materials such as plastic bubble wrap, wads of plastic cling wrap and burlap fabric. Show the children how to dip an item in paint and press it onto the shamrock to create a painted surface with touchable texture.

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