St. Patrick's Day Activities for Elementary Schools

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17 on the alleged anniversary of the Catholic saint. Saint Patrick is famous outside of Catholicism and Ireland, though few people really know a great deal about him. While some credit Saint Patrick with driving the snakes out of Ireland, this is largely false. Saint Patrick is responsible for introducing Christianity to the Irish. He is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. Appropriate Saint Patrick's Day activities can help your students understand more about Irish culture and Saint Patrick, while having some fun.

Saint Patrick's Day Lunch

A Saint Patrick's Day lunch throughout the school enables all grade levels to participate. Encourage students to each bring in a dish appropriate for the day. Suggest traditional items like corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, corned beef stew, Irish brown bread, as well as fun dishes, which are simply green and feature shamrocks. Such dishes could be shamrock-frosted cupcakes and cookies and lime punch. Encourage students to conduct some research on traditional Irish foods and use their creativity. The lunch could be an enormous school-wide function, held in the gymnasium, or smaller celebrations held in each classroom. Ask parents to help their children prepare items.

Saint Patrick's Day Skit

Present the story of Saint Patrick to your younger students. Alternatively, with older students you can ask them to research the story of Saint Patrick, distinguishing the myths exaggerated about him from the real history of his life. Once everyone is acquainted with the biography of Saint Patrick, divide your students into groups of six to eight and tell them to make a short two- to four-minute skit about his life. Tell your students that they are responsible for writing the skit, assigning parts, and acting in it. For really young students, ages 5 to 7, ask them to draw a picture about what they thought was the most interesting part about Saint Patrick's life.

Shamrock Key chain

You can do this craft with all ages of an elementary school as it is simple and fun, giving you a useful and decorative finished product. Explain the history and significance of the shamrock in Irish culture. Roll out three small balls of green polymer clay, each about the size of a marble. Sculpt each ball into a heart shape. Push them together until their pointed ends touch. Press a paper clip down onto their joined pointed ends and cover the paper clip almost completely with green clay. The paper clip should be almost all concealed, except for a small loop sticking out. Turn the shamrock over and engrave a center crease down each leaf with a pen. Bake the clay according to the directions on the package. Once cool, attach a split key ring.

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