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Whether you're celebrating Memorial Day, a soldier coming home safely or a birthday party with a military theme, there are many ways you can coordinate invitations with your event. With a U.S. Army theme, you can choose to create each invitation by hand, print the information from your computer or print pre-made invitations.

Dog Tags

Purchase a stack of green envelopes. Take a silver piece of construction paper and print the information for your party by hand or on the computer. Cut the piece of paper into the shape of a dog tag (long and oval). Punch a hole in the top and string a brown piece of twine or a brown ribbon through it. Place in the green envelopes, address and mail.

Camouflage Borders

Use paper with camouflage borders. You can purchase this kind of paper to print your invitations on, or you can draw your own borders neatly on a piece of paper and use a color copier to make your own stationary. Print the information for your party on the bordered paper, either by hand or with your computer.

Orders to Report

Send out "Orders to Report" as your party invitation. The Ultimate Kid Birthday Party's website (see Resources) offers "Orders to Report" that can be printed out quickly and easily. Just visit the website, enter your party information and print. It's free and fast.

American Flag

Purchase print paper with a flag design from your local copy store, or make your own American flag-themed invitations. Take a piece of white construction paper and fold it unequally lengthwise, so that there is a 2-inch strip extending when the paper is folded. Color the strip blue and glue white stars on it. Decorate the cover with red and white stripes. Open the invitation and copy or print the information for the party.

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