Memorial Day Decoration Ideas


Memorial Day is a time for remembering the sacrifices made by those who died in service to our country, and also for remembering all our loved ones who have died. Memorial Day decorations use many of the same elements and colors as used for other patriotic holidays. Adding some family mememtos to some of your infusions of red, white and blue will allow you to honor your country and remember your loved ones on this special weekend or all year long.

Memorial Day Decorations from the Linen Closet

Hang patriotic quilts and wall hangings on the walls of your home. If you don't have a patriotic quilt, dig out any quilts or blankets that have red, white or blue as their main color scheme. Drape quilts or blankets over sofas and chairs or fold them to hang over china hutch doors. If available, use family heirloom quilts or textiles or military blankets. Place red, white or blue pillowcases over the backs of kitchen chairs or folding chairs. Set them around a table covered with a red, white or blue tablecloth. Sheets, blankets, bedspreads and quilts also make sturdy, colorful tablecloths. Sprinkle a little flair on your sofa and beds by adding patriotic-themed pillows, blankets and dolls.

Decorating a Memorial Day Table

Cut the seat of old blue jeans into rectangles or oval shapes to resemble place mats. Bring out dishes in reds, whites or blues, or check out local thrift stores and tag sales for a mishmash of colored dishes. They do not all have to match. When they are put together on your table, the pieces of the assemblage will look as if they belong together. Fold large, red or blue bandannas into napkin rolls of your choice. Copy old photos of family in either civilian or military poses and reduce to about wallet size. Punch a hole in a corner and thread raffia through the hole. Tie the raffia around the centers or cut the outer jean seams from blue jeans and tie around the napkins for napkin holders. Cut the back pockets from additional blue jeans to use as drink coasters. Sprinkle the table with star-shaped confetti in red, white and blue, or use a star-shaped paper punch on construction paper. Randomly place additional photos on the table for conversation and sharing memories.

Decorative Memorial Day Crafts

Make votive candle holders for each place setting. Start by painting 2½-inch clay pots using red, white and blue acrylic paints. Make simple printed black and white copies of ancestor family photos, reducing the size of the photos to fit below the rim of the clay pot. Adhere the photos to the side of the pots using craft glue. Paint the glue over the photo to seal the photo and the edges. The glue will dry clear. Place a votive or tea candle light in each candle holder. Make a memory Memorial Day centerpiece. Place a man's hat upside down on your work surface. This could be Grandpa's or another relative's hat. Hot glue a green floral brick into the hat and cover with Spanish moss. Insert patriotic-colored carnations into the hat and fill out the arrangement with your choice of greenery or other flowers. Hot glue copies of old black and white photos to the ends of wood skewers, and insert the skewered photos into the arrangement. Tuck additional ephemera or mementos, such as eyeglasses, postcards, medals, jewelry and hankies, around the edges of the arrangement.

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