Memorial Gifts for Men


When men think of Memorial Day they picture patriotism, outdoor grilling and time with family and friends. Why not take these themes and turn them into ideal gifts for the man in your life on Memorial Day? Gifts that help make the day even more special to celebrate are easy tie-ins for the holiday.

The Outdoorsman

No Memorial Day is complete without an outdoor event. For men, honing the grill can be an entertaining job. Gifts to help the task are easy to find. There are a variety of charcoal and gas grills that can be purchased for the man that loves to barbecue. The Smokin Pro Grill and Smoker includes a cast iron cooking surface, side holding trays and large storage room. It is just one of many grills that can be found at local stores like Walmart and Target. Throw in a chef's apron and grilling tools and you are sure to have a happy man.

The Gourmet Man

If you are looking for something to go on the grill, present your man with the gourmet of meat cuts for Memorial Day. Several companies offer excellent cuts of meat that can be next-day-delivered to your door. New York strip steak, filet mignon and T-bones are just a few of the cuts that can be given as gifts. Your man is sure to enjoy this outdoor holiday with the right cuisine to go along with it.

The Patriot

If your man likes to show his love of country on Memorial Day, he might like a personalized American flag T-shirt. offers different styles of patriotic-themed shirts that can be personalized to fit your man's physique and style. It can be something he wears again and again that will remind him just how much he is appreciated.

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