How to Write a Card for Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a holiday in the United States where citizens celebrate the veterans of all of the nation's wars, especially those who died in combat. In order to celebrate this holiday, many towns hold parades honoring local veterans, and people often send cards to veterans or current soldiers known and unknown in order to thank them for their service. If you want to write a Memorial Day card, start with a patriotic foundation and infuse it with your personal and heartfelt feelings.

Step 1

Use a quotation about war and peace. has a large variety of quotations on these subjects, including some from Memorial Day addresses by politicians in the past. Use the words of a national leader to make your card; draw inspiration from their words to create more of your own.

Step 2

Include a poem. There are several poems available at Find one that suits your Memorial Day sentiment, and print it into your card. The advantage of this is that you can use someone else's words to express your own feelings, and the person who receives the cards can enjoy those words and keep the poem to remember on future Memorial Days.

Step 3

Think about the recipient of your card when you add your own message. When you write to a family member, your card can be more personal in nature. Write about the time they spent as a soldier and how you are grateful for their sacrifice, or about how glad you are that they returned safely from war. If you write to an unknown soldier, you might think about how they must feel to be far away from home and what a strain their service puts on them and their family. Then write your feelings about that in the card.

Step 4

Write from the heart. If you express your own feelings in a clear, simple manner, your card will be well-received. Express how you feel about the soldiers who fight in your nation's battles, and let them know they are appreciated with a small gesture of thanks.


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