Nudist Costume Ideas for Mardi Gras

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While nudists are best known for, well, being nude, that doesn't mean they can't indulge in some spiffy costumes for Mardi Gras. Rather than bundling up like many other folks, nudists can still retain their identity while celebrating the occasion decked in fun and festive fare.


A wide variety of masks are available for a Mardi Gras celebration, ranging from the simple eye mask to full crowns that cover the top of the head and the top half of the face. Look for masks that carry Mardi Gras associations such as Phantom of the Opera or the Moulin Rouge. You can also opt for masks adorned with feathers and plumes, glitter, fringe, gems and metallic piping or those that represent the theater faces of comedy or tragedy. Harlequin and jester masks are other ideal Mardi Gras choices.


Just as masks won't cover nudity, neither will a strand of beads. Beads are another traditional Mardi Gras accessory, and you can pick from dozens of options. Some of the most popular are long strands of plastic beads in bright colors with a metallic sheen. Since they may be the only accessory for a nudist, don't stop with just one strand but pile on several. You can also get creative and wear beads around your waist, wrists and ankles or around your hair as a headband. Wrap longer strands to fit and secure them in place on your head with a decorative clip.

Hats, Gloves, Other

Another fun Mardi Gras costume option for nudists is the wide array of hats available for the occasion. One of the most popular is the jester hat, complete with bells, that can be worn solo or with jester cuffs and gloves. Hats and cuffs also get into the Mardi Gras spirit without hiding nudity. Cuffs and gloves that match any hat or mask can be worn, such a long, black silk pair of gloves with the harlequin theme or simple white gloves with a theater mask. You can customize cuffs by simply finding a plain leather or felt cuff and gluing or sewing on bells, fringe, glitter and other adornments. Shoes that match the theme will also complete any outfit.

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