How Do People Celebrate Labor Day?


Labor Day is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements and contributions of American workers. The day was first celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882, and was later changed in 1884 to the first Monday in the month of September. Many Americans celebrate the day with different activities.


Many towns will hold parades, which is fun for children and free to the public. Businesses and individuals often make floats to help celebrate, which drive in the parade. Marching bands from local schools usually join in on the celebrations.


Some people will go to the park with family and friends. The park is a wonderful place to take in some fresh air and have a picnic.


As Labor Day gives several workers a day off from work, many people will get together with friends and family for barbeques in their backyards, in parks or at beaches.

Beach Outings

Some people choose to hit the beach on Labor Day, as it's usually the last visit of the season for many. Bringing coolers and food, people set up tents and usually spend all day celebrating with friends and family.


Some people use this day as a day to shop. Many retailers use this holiday to hold store-wide sales for consumers.


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