India Crafts for Kids

Teach children about India by creating a variety of craft and art projects that reflect the country's rich and colorful culture. Paper, paint and glue--you likely already have in your craft cupboard--are all you need to bring a bit of the subcontinent to your house. Remember to use paint and paper in jewel and metallic tones to replicate the vibrant color palette often seen in Indian art and clothing.

Diwali Footprints

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the few holidays celebrated throughout all of India. The goddess Lakshmi Pooja, the goddess of wealth, visits the homes in India starting with the cleanest homes first, according to the Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India. Create footprints to represent the godess' visit. Pair each child with a partner. Have each child use fingerpaint and paint the bottom of their partner's feet. Use between one and three colors. Have wet wipes available for children to clean feet or use tubs of water. Let the footprints dry. Have children decorate the paper feet with puff paint, glitter glue and other decorative art supplies. Cut out the footprints and hang on the wall for decoration.

Rangoli Patterns

Rangoli are colorful designs, usually made with chalk or rice, that Indians display on entryway floors during Diwali to welcome the goddess to their homes, according to Netmums. Cut out a variety of geometrical shapes including squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and circles. Use jewel-tone construction paper for a vibrant color palette. Have each child create symmetrical patterns with the shapes and glue them to white card stock or contrasting construction paper.

Peacock Cards

Celebrate India's national bird, the peacock, with handmade greeting cards. Cut out a small oval from blue or purple paper and glue to the center of folded white card stock. Have children paint the tip of their thumb blue and the bottom purple. Stamp thumbs directly onto paper in vertical rows to represent the peacock's feathers. Draw small lines coming out of each thumbprint to represent quills. Add additional decoration with metallic crayons and paints. Draw in eyes and a beak for the peacocks face. Use the opportunity to teach children about the bird.

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