Valentine Cookie Ideas


Instead of the traditional box of chocolate or dozen red roses for Valentine's Day, create something homemade from the heart. Valentine cookies are a wonderful and thoughtful way to show your special someone that you are thinking of them.

Cookie Bouquet

Purchase medium-length wooden sticks from a craft store, red or pink cellophane, thin ribbon with hearts and a tall, thin vase. Use a trusted sugar cookie recipe or recipe for another sturdy cookie, as they will be positioned vertically inside the vase. Cut the cookie dough into heart shapes and insert the wooden stick into each cookie before baking. Decorate the cookies with sprinkles and frosting any way you choose and then wrap each completed cookie with cellophane, tying it together with ribbon at the base where the cookie and wooden stick meet. Assemble the cookies into the vase to complete the bouquet to present to your special someone.

Cookie Alphabet

If Valentine's Day will be a day of an important question or confession, use a few dozen cookies to help you complete the task. Use large, heart-shaped cookie cutters for the cookies and frost each with thick, white frosting. Finish the cookies by piping one letter on each cookie with red or pink, spelling out a question like, "Marry Me?" or profess your love by saying "I Love You." Arrange the cookies on a nice tray, but be sure to have a cover or a top for the cookies. This way you can control when to surprise your special someone.

Cookie Sandwich

Instead of a flat, boring cookie, put your creative mind to work and make a heart-shaped cookie sandwich. To prepare the cookies, you will need a large and tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter. Cut out a few dozen large heart cookies and then punch a small heart into half of them before baking. After baking, use a sandwich filling of choice, anything from jam to chocolate frosting, and thickly spread it on each whole cookie. Place the cookie with the small heart cut-out on top to create the cookie sandwich.

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