Free Ideas for Mother's Day Crafts for the Classroom

Mothers love nothing more than homemade gifts from their children. Using items on hand in the classroom, kids can make mom something truly special with their own hands. Mother's Day is the one day a year that kids get to express their feelings for Mom, and a gift they made themselves is the perfect way to do that. Each child can get creative and will be so proud presenting their homemade creation to mom on her special day.

Little Fingerprints

Nothing is cuter than a child's tiny fingerprints. Let each child dip their fingertips in washable paint and press onto a piece of construction paper. They can make a fingerprint heart, person or other design using their print. The children can make up a poem about their mom and write it underneath the fingerprint. Use mom's favorite colors for the print and poem.

A Mom List

Have the children make a list of 10 things they love about mom, and one thing that they would change if they could. Their answers will make mom laugh and make a fun, interesting gift. Other list ideas are: an adjective to describe mom, or what the child thinks mom's favorite things are.

A Portrait

Using colored pencils, paints or crayons, have each child make a special "portrait" of himself with mom, and write something underneath about her favorite thing to do with mom.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Create tissue paper flowers by folding a stack of six sheets of tissue paper back and forth, accordion style. Twist a pipe cleaner in the center of the stack to secure it, then fan the flower out by pulling each layer of paper toward the center one at a time. Using the pipe cleaners, secure the flower to a pencil to make a "stem."

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