Patriotic Centerpiece Ideas

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Bringing the festivities to the table completes the atmosphere at Fourth of July barbecues and outdoor events. Patriotic centerpieces complete your table decor and showcase your pride in your country. Making your own centerpieces saves money and guarantees your decor coordinates Centerpieces are simple to assemble from craft store items.


Candles for outdoor celebrations must be protected from the wind. Jar candles centerpieces easily achieve this. Choose clear glassware--both stemmed and stemless. Place 1 inch of red sand inside the glass. Place a votive candle in a smaller glass holder on top the sand. Use a funnel to layer red, white and blue sand in the space between the votive glass and the glass. Arrange candles in small groupings in the center of the tables. Choose straight-sided tall glass votive holders. Wrap red, white and blue vellum or tissue paper around each holder, taping the overlapping edges in place. Cover in a single color or cut strips to make stripes. Purchase metallic cardboard stars and attach with foam tape for a three-dimensional effect. Avoid placing stars on areas of the votive that are the same color. Place a candle in each glass and arrange glasses of varied heights in the center of the table.

Flower Centerpieces

Flowers often wilt under the summer sun during a Fourth of July event. Dyed carnations in red, white and blue are inexpensive and withstand the sun well. Arrange in a simple vase for each table, adding a small American flag to each arrangement. Avoid the wilting problem with dyed reeds and grasses from a craft store. Stencil blue and white stars onto a red rectangular vase. Place a rectangle of florist's foam inside the vase. Stick dried reeds and grasses in red, white and blue into the foam. Add metallic silver star picks throughout the reeds. Look for dried reeds with interesting shapes such as cork screws.

Pinwheel centerpieces

Unlike with candles, a breeze is a welcome addition to these centerpieces. Make red, white and blue pinwheels to liven up your celebration. Paint a steel pail with red or blue enamel paint. Fill with sand or decorative rocks. Make pinwheel from decorative paper. Choose a paper with white stars on a blue background and another that is red and white striped. Glue squares of each design together, decorated side out. Cut into equal sized squares. Cut a slit from each corner to 1/2 inch from the center of the sheet. Fold every other corner into the center. Stick a large-headed pin through the center where all the corners overlap. Thread a bead onto the pin shank, then stick into the top of a wooden skewer. Stick into the sand or gravel in the pails. Use the pinwheels in other centerpiece designs. Intersperse pinwheels with red, white and blue carnations in a vase or bowl. For long tables, place a narrow blue table runner down the center. Space small terracotta flower pots painted white and stenciled with red stars down the length of the runner. Place a piece of florist's foam in each pot and cover with glass marbles or pebbles. Make small pinwheels from 4 inch squares of paper and place one in the center of each pot.

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