Fourth Of July Centerpiece Ideas


You want your July 4th celebration to be a time that everyone will enjoy and remember. To make any celebration complete, you'll need good company, good food and festive decorations. A beautiful table with an attention-getting centerpiece is one way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Centerpieces can be made with just a few items and a bit of creativity.

Patriotic Centerpiece

Use a green plant in a basket or a nice planter that will match the theme of red, white and blue. If you do not have one, find an appropriate-sized basket, fill it with some green ivy and cover up the stems with artificial moss. Purchase a few loose artificial flowers in red and stick them in the basket, along with some mini American flags on wooden sticks. In the decorating section of party supply stores, you can find Mylar star picks in red, white or blue. Scatter them about your arrangement. Use a blue tablecloth to cover the table. This centerpiece will dazzle your guests.

Carnation Centerpiece

Put 12 red, long-stemmed carnations in a tall, white vase. Add some baby's breath or other attractive long greens. Simply add a few mini American flags on wooden sticks to the arrangement and top it off with a few blue star sticks available at a party supply store. As an added option, tie a bow of red, white or blue around the base.

Edible Centerpiece

Buy a seedless watermelon, preferably round. Cut it in half. Scoop out the melon, cut into bite-sized pieces and set aside. Buy other fruit that is red, white and blue, like strawberries, blueberries and pears. Wash, clean and peel the fruit, then cut into bite-sized pieces and return to the empty watermelon shell. Scoop the other half of the watermelon and place the fruit in a baggie in the fridge for later. Take the rind of the watermelon and cut into star shapes. Use a cookie cutter, if available. Place a toothpick in the end of the star and slide it into the edge of the fruit-filled watermelon. Place a few American flag toothpicks about the watermelon boat.

Gumball Centerpiece

Fill a clear vase with red, white, and blue gumballs. This is a great centerpiece if kids will be attending your event. Place some star-shaped candles around the vase and be sure to use a red or blue tablecloth.

Sand Centerpiece

Arts and crafts stores carry colored sand. Pour layers of red, white and blue sand into a tall, clear vase, alternating colors. Create an interesting design in the arrangement by poking the end of a long wooden spoon into the sand a few times. Fill the vase almost all the way to the top. Take a few sparklers and mini American flags and stick them in the sand.

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