Patriotic Display Ideas

For your next American holiday party, dress up your home inside and out with festive patriotic decorations. Make some tabletop displays for an entryway table or dining table. Fill up a front flower garden with red, white and blue trimmings. Guests will feel like they have stepped into a red-blooded American holiday party with sparkling decorations.

Patriotic Bouquets

Set a clay pot full of foam red, white and blue stars on a buffet table. Use red tinsel to cover the foam that keeps the star dowels in place. Pots should have stars on dowels in varying sizes. A colorful bouquet using clay pots and several national flags will look nice on a table or in a nook. Larger clay pots look best resting on the ground along a walkway or entryway. Pots filled with colorful tinsel, stars and standing streamers are best. Bouquets might also include live or silk carnations in patriotic colors.


Large wreaths wrapped in red, white and blue ribbons make a festive display. Choose a wreath with large loops and flag embellishments. Hot glue keeps the embellishments secured to the wreath. A small trio of tiny flags resting at the bottom of the wreath adds whimsy. Hang the wreath on an entryway door, inside or out. Alternatively, lay the wreath on a table and set a hurricane vase inside the wreath. The glow from a red candle will put everyone in a party mood.


After you cover your table with a festive red silk cloth, create a tablescape display. Three large candles lined up down the center of the table make a good base of this decoration; use all red candles or one each of red, white and blue. A scattering of silk flowers in colors matching the candles adds depth to the decoration. The flower heads are popped off the bushes and laid with the blooms facing up on the tabletop. Amongst the flowers, strew red marble or blue marble stones. The stones should follow the pattern of the display.


A flowerbed looks patriotic when filled with red, white and blue flowers and American flags. Hang flag windsocks in the flowerbed to catch the breeze during the party. Add to the display by inserting a stand-up wooden Uncle Sam to greet guests.

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