Homemade Fourth of July Party Decoration Ideas


Backyard barbecues and parties mark the Fourth of July for many people. Homemade Fourth of July party decorations add a festive touch to any celebration for the holiday without blowing the party budget. Red, white and blue materials anchor many of the homemade decoration ideas, symbolizing the holiday and inspiring patriotism in party-goers.

Red, White and Blue Flowers

A combination of red, white and blue flowers makes a festive decoration idea for a Fourth of July party. A cut flower arrangement can be made in a vase. Another option is to plant flowers in a patriotic container to decorate the party area. Planted pots of red, white and blue flowers show your patriotism long after the Fourth of July party is over. They can also serve as favors for the guests at the conclusion of the party. The patriotic flowers work well as centerpieces, at the entrance to greet guests or throughout the party area.

Patriotic Wreath

A homemade patriotic wreath adorned with red, white and blue is a festive way to decorate for a Fourth of July party. A grapevine wreath or a Styrofoam wreath work equally well as the base of a patriotic wreath. A variety of red, white and blue artificial flowers serve as fillers on the wreath. Patriotic ribbon, miniature American flags and painted wooden stars can also be used to decorate the wreath. Floral wire attached to the flowers and stars holds them into place on the wreath. With the flowers in place on the wreath, the flags and stars can be placed as accents. The patriotic ribbon adds the final touch to the wreath.

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Patriotic centerpieces enhance the overall theme for a Fourth of July party. Floating candles in red, white and blue offer an alternative to traditional flower centerpieces. A large glass bowl serves as the container for the patriotic floating candle centerpiece. Glass marbles or stones in red, white and blue adorn the bottom of the glass bowl. Once it is filled with water, the floating candles in patriotic colors are placed in the bowl. The candles should be lit right before the party so they last as long as possible.

Felt Welcome Banner

Felt is an easy fabric to use for crafts and decorations. Craft stores carry large rolls of felt, which serves as the background for a patriotic felt banner for a Fourth of July party. A piece of blue felt cut to the desired size is decorated with a Fourth of July message of your choice. The message is composed of letters cut out of white and red felt. The felt letters naturally cling to the blue felt background but should be secured with a few drops of glue or stitches. Additional patriotic decorations enhance the felt banner.

Patriotic Luminarias

Paper bags, sand and tea lights make up luminarias for an evening party. Lunch-sized paper bags in red, white and blue make up the base of the homemade luminarias. Stars cut out of the paper bags add a patriotic touch. A star template helps with the cutouts. The stars are traced on each paper bag. Add as few or as many stars as you like. A utility knife makes the cutouts easier. Cardboard slid inside the paper bag will prevent the utility knife from cutting through the other side of the bag. A small amount of sand weighs down the bags once the stars are cut out. A tea light is then placed in the sand. Safety concerns about the flames from tea lights can be solved by using battery-operated tea lights. The glow from the luminarias lights the way for guests along a driveway, sidewalk or the perimeter of the party area.

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