Patriotic Banquet Decoration Ideas

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Whether it's the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, a patriotic-themed banquet isn't complete without the right decorations. Outside or in, patriotic banquet decorations will pull your party together in a festive way sure to make it memorable. Red, white and blue are the colors of choice but that doesn't mean you have to have flags draped everywhere.

Bunting and streamers

Bunting is small triangular flags attached to streamers. Making bunting is easy and requires little to no sewing. Use red, white and blue felt. Cut 6-inch triangles with a 4-inch base from the felt. Adjust the size for larger bunting. Hot glue or sew the triangles along a length of ribbon with a 2-inch space between each. Hang the bunting around the banquet room or drape it on table edges. Twist narrow lengths of tulle in the appropriate colors together to make streamers instead of bunting. Blue and white twisted together and gathered every few feet with red ribbon can adorn tables over the table skirt. Hang the tulle streamers along the top of walls or along a chair rail to quickly change the decor from everyday to patriotic.


Use stars to dress up disposable plastic tableware. Decorate clear punch cups with red, white and blue star stickers or paint some on. Choose plastic plates and flatware in matching patriotic colors. Instead of separating the forks, knives and napkins in baskets on the buffet table, make neat little bundles with a patriotic theme. Glue a cardboard star to the center of a silver twist tie. Fold the napkin neatly into thirds and stack the flatware on top. Wrap the twist tie around the bundle and secure with the star on top. Place these in a basket in the center of each table or on the buffet table for guests to grab easily.


Banquets are usually a little more fancy than a standard gathering and require a fitting centerpiece on each table. Paint small plastic or metal pails white. Paint wooden stars in patriotic colors and glue to the ends of wooden skewers. Put a block of florist's foam in each pail and stick the star bouquets into it. You can add real cut flowers and miniature flags to the bouquets as well.

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