Creative Ideas for Patriotic Decorations

Throwing a patriotic party for Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Veterans' Day is a way to remind every citizen of the freedoms that we enjoy in our great country. Store-bought decorations can strain the budget of the host and are not very creative. Making your own patriotic decorations is inexpensive and will make your party memorable.

Patriotic Drinking Cups

Purchase the solid-colored red or blue plastic cups and make them patriotic by randomly placing stickers of white or gold stars on the cups. You could even let your guests do this and they can write their initials on the cups with the stickers to keep track of their cups during the party.

Food Decorations

The Creativity-Portal website states that ingredients such as cream cheese, whipping cream, cottage cheese, vanilla cake mix, ice cream and white frostings can all be made patriotic by adding a few drops of blue or red food coloring. A colorful dessert idea is to alternate in a parfait glass layers of plain white vanilla yogurt and yogurt that has blue food coloring added to it. You can top this patriotic dessert off with a bright red cherry.

Decorative T-shirts

Create a one-of-a-kind look for all members of your family. Purchase plain white T-shirts and embellish them with red and blue fabric paints. You can brush on the paint or use fabric paint tubes or markers. Create identical T-shirts for the entire group or family, or let everyone join in the fun and create their own patriotic symbols on their shirts. Allow these to dry for a couple of days before wearing them.

Party Favors

Make creative firecracker party favors or table decorations by taping over one end of an empty toilet paper roll. Fill the roll with individually wrapped hard candies. Tape the other end shut. Then wrap the roll with patriotic gift wrap and glue a piece of twine to one end to represent the firecracker fuse.

Hot Air Balloon Table Centerpieces

Make some patriotic centerpieces for your table during your patriotic celebrations. Take a small, square-shaped white basket and attach one helium-filled red balloon to its center by taping the string down in the bottom of the basket. Add four pieces of blue curling ribbon to the basket and balloon by taping or gluing the ends in place. This will make it look like a miniature hot air balloon. You can use these baskets on each table to hold condiments, silverware, or the salt and pepper shakers.

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