Traditional Italian Easter Dinner


In Italy, Easter is considered a more casual holiday than Christmas. Nonetheless, Italians often make special meals for the occasion. These meals, according to tradition, will feature lamb, special bread and desserts, and eggs--each of which holds a symbolic value for Italians.


Lamb is the staple of an Italian Easter dinner, according to Mangia Bene Pasta, a traditional Italian recipe website. Often families roast an entire lamb. The lamb represents the innocent sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Many Easter dinner tables in Italy also feature a cake shaped and decorated to look like a lamb.

Bread and Dessert

Italians often bake bread for Easter as a symbol of Jesus, who is called the "Bread of Life," according to Christian tradition. Often, whole eggs are folded into the bread before baking. For dessert, Italians often make rice cakes for Easter and decorate them with candied eggs.


In Italian tradition, eggs at Easter represent life, hope and rebirth. No Easter dinner would be complete without eggs. Eggs are used in the sweet breads and cakes that are baked for the holiday. Chocolate eggs wrapped in decorative foil and ribbons are also popular.


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