Easter Party Favor Ideas


Party favors brighten any party. Easter party favors can be creative, colorful ways to express appreciation for your guests, young and old.


When considering Easter party favors for children, think fun and colorful. Give your young Easter party guests pastel sidewalk chalk or bubbles to blow into the bright blue Easter sky. Children enjoy Easter-themed coloring books. If you are attending a church-related Easter event, give coloring books with religious Easter themes. If your party is secular, appeal to children with the Easter bunny, baby chicks and ducklings. Give each child a coloring book with a small box of crayons. Give boys toy cars and give girls jacks.


Let your adult Easter party guests share in party favor fun. Easter symbolizes Spring's renewal after Winter's frost. Give small trays of fresh herbs. Wrap simple pastel ribbons around the small pots. Make or buy hot cross buns and give six each in bright baskets. Place small, personalized Thank You cards in individually-sized baskets, surrounded by chocolate truffles. If your party is a church event, add palm leaf crosses to each basket.


Give personalized Easter party favors at smaller events. Buy small boxes of chocolates at a local candy store. Have the boxes stamped with guests' names. Decorative pastel ceramic eggs with guests names written in calligraphy make thoughtful Easter party favors. Order small tins of mints with guests' names engraved on them. (See Resources) You do not have to give everybody the same favors. If you know, for example, that a male guest likes to golf, give him a personalized golf ball.

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