Decoration Ideas for an Easter Party


Easter is often considered a Christian holiday that honors the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected. In countries such as China, eggs are traditionally used to symbolize the rebirth of the spring season and renewal of life. But most kids view this holiday as the perfect time to fill their bellies with candy from the Easter bunny.

Table decorations

Drape your table in a pastel-colored tablecloth like yellow, pink, light green or blue. Sprinkle bright jelly beans of various sizes on the table, or sprinkle confetti shaped like Easter eggs on the table. Place tableware on small piles of yellow, purple and blue Easter grass. Or use Easter-egg shaped place-mats with contrasting bunny-shaped napkin rings. Write the name of your guests on Easter eggs and use them as place cards. Place an Easter basket filled with candy, stuffed chicks and chocolate bunnies in the center of your table.

Balloon Decorations

Greet your guests with cute Easter bunny decorations. Place a giant Easter bunny cutout at the entrance. Tie a couple of helium balloons in bright colors to this bunny cutout. Use large bouquets of pastel-colored balloons to decorate the room. Tie balloons to plush-stuffed animals such as rabbits and chicks. Place stickers and markers on a table and let the kids transform the balloons into large Easter eggs. Kids will also love helium-filled, bunny-shaped balloons that float to the ceiling.

Wall and Floor Decorations

Hang a "Happy Easter" banner high on the wall so that the kids can easily see it as they enter the room. Purchase or create bunnies out of colorful cardstock. Adorn your walls with these cute bunnies. Decorate your wall with large cutouts of flowers, butterflies and lady bugs. Add color to your walls and doorways by hanging pastel streamers. Fill large Easter baskets with Easter grass and colored plastic eggs. Add a couple of chocolate eggs to the basket. Place these Easter baskets throughout the party room. Finish the look by placing bunny-print floor decorations on your floor.

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