Easter Classroom Games for Early Elementary

Easter classroom games for early elementary students are an exciting way for children to celebrate the Easter season. Unless you teach at a religious school, be sure to choose games that focus on the secular side of Easter--ones that use eggs or the Easter Bunny. Some games require preparation with students outside of the room, so be sure to plan ahead so that you can have the game set up before they come in.

Egg Hunt

Hide eggs around the classroom while the students are out. Use either paper eggs or the plastic eggs that can hold a prize. When students come in, have them look around the classroom for the eggs. Hold a contest to see who can find the most eggs, or set an egg limit for each student so that every student ends up with the same amount of eggs. Encourage students that have already found their egg limit to work with a friend to help him find more.

Matching Race

Divide bags of plastic eggs into two or more groups. Separate the eggs into their two pieces. Each team gets a bag of pieces that they have to match when you say "Go." Students must match tops and bottoms and colors. The first team to completely match all of their eggs is the winner.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Create a large paper bunny that's missing its tail. Then, create a tail for each student. This could be a plain paper tail, or glue cotton balls onto it to make it more realistic. Blindfold the students and spin them around three times, then have them try to put the tail in the right place.

How Many Eggs?

Place a large jar on your desk and fill it with small chocolate eggs. Have students guess how many eggs are in the jar. The student that comes closest to the amount wins a prize.

Easter Egg Walk

Create large paper Easter eggs and place them on the floor. There should be one less egg than there are students. Students walk around the eggs while music plays. When the music stops, students must quickly stand on an egg. The student that doesn't get an egg is out. Remove one egg each round until you have a winner.

Easter Bunny Says

Wear a pair of bunny ears to signify that you are the Easter Bunny and have the students stand up in front of you. Choose some Easter activities for the children to do, such as hopping like a bunny or pretending to paint an egg. Each time you tell the students to do an activity, they will be listening for you to say "Easter Bunny says" before the activity. If you say that, they must do what you tell them to. If you give a command without starting it with "Easter Bunny says," they should not do the activity. Any time a child does the activity when they shouldn't or doesn't do it when they should, they are out and must go sit down.

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