Easter Party Games for First Grade

Easter parties are a fun way for kids to celebrate the holiday with their friends. Even if you don't celebrate the religious aspect of Easter, it is still an opportunity to celebrate the coming of spring. You can plan Easter egg games for both inside and outside.

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a traditional game that will be a hit at every Easter party. The Easter Egg hunt requires 20 to 30 Easter eggs, either real eggs that have been decorated or plastic colored eggs that you can buy at stores. Hide the eggs in various spots outside or inside, depending on the weather. Tuck them under bushes, in high grass, in corners, under the couch and any other great hiding places you can find. For first-graders, make the eggs a little challenging to find, but not so hard that they never find them or it will take the fun out of it. Give each child a basket to put her found eggs in, and the child who finds the most wins a special prize.


A hop-athon race gives the kids exercise and helps them blow off steam. Set up a racetrack and obstacle course outside. The hop-athon can feature several different legs: a straight race, an obstacle course and a curvy racetrack. Divide the children into teams. Each child hops throughout the entire race, just like the Easter bunny would. Give each racer a pair of bunny ears and a carrot. When the racer finishes a leg of the race, she passes the carrot to the next team member.

Egg Memory

Egg Memory is a good indoor game that challenges the kids' minds and encourages healthy competition. Cut large Easter egg shapes out of construction paper. Leave one side blank and put Easter-related pictures or words on the other side of the egg. When making the eggs, there must be two of every picture or word, so each one has a match. Laminate the Easter eggs and arrange them in rows on a large bulletin board or wall. The kids can take turns flipping two eggs over and looking at the pictures on the other side. They must try to remember the pictures on the back of the eggs and where they are located. The idea of the game is to find two matching pictures so you can get a "match." Remove those eggs from the boards. The child with the most matches wins.

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