Easter Party Cake Ideas

Celebrating Easter usually includes some form of candy or desserts. If you are at a loss for what special item to make, consider an Easter cake. With all the choices for filling, type of cake, icing and decorations, you can create a cake that dessert fans will love.

Coconut Bunny

Use a bunny cake mold to create the shape of the bunny, and then cover the finished cake with white icing. Cover the entire bunny with white shredded coconut. As a final addition, use two black jellybeans to create the eyes and a pink one for the nose.

Peeps Playground

Make a sheet cake and cover it with white icing. Use green food coloring to color shredded coconut and then sprinkle it all over the top of the cake to indicate grass. Purchase a dollhouse backyard set, complete with a slide, swing and sandbox, and place it on top of the cake. Place Peeps chicks and bunnies on and around the backyard set to make it appear as though they are playing on it.

Happy Easter Cake

Bake a square, rectangle or circular cake. Cover it in white icing and then use pastel decorating gel to make a border around the top of the cake. Next, make diagonal gel lines going across the cake. In between each line, place a line of pastel colored M&M's. Use pastel colored edible sugar letters to spell out "Happy Easter" on top of the cake; you can either stand the letters up or lie them down.

Easter Lily Cake

If you are not that great at cake decorating, a simple way to decorate the top of the cake is to use an edible image of an Easter Lily. First, put frost the entire cake in whatever flavor and color you desire. Take the edible image and place it directly in the center of the cake.

Bunny Cake

Bake a sheet cake and frost it with any color frosting you wish, and then smooth it out as much as possible. Use a fork to create lines in the frosting. Next, place a large right facing bunny and a left facing bunny standing up facing each other toward the back center of the cake. In front of them, put several silk daisy flowers. Put a border of the silk daisies along the entire top edges of the cake.

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