Children's Easter Food Activities

Food activities and crafts allow children to participate in decorating and celebrating Easter. Most of these activities incorporate items commonly found around the house and are easy to set up. Make the children in your life feel special and included by spending some time with them putting together Easter-themed food crafts.

Easter Egg Coloring

Coloring Easter eggs is an age-old tradition. Set up small bowls with different colored dyes for easy dipping. Other ways to decorate eggs include hand painting with paintbrushes, stickers, gluing on embellishments and making cloth or clothing decorations for each egg.

Cheetos Easter Carrot

Make a carrot out of Cheetos and felt. Wrap Cheetos in clear cellophane and bunch the top of the roll so it forms the shape of a carrot. You can also use a small plastic bag. Cut a piece of green felt for the top "carrot greens." Attach with glue or a green rubberband wrapped around the felt and top of the cellophane.

Marshmallow Bunny

Make a bunny out of marshmallows. Use two large marshmallows for the body and head; split one in half for the ears, and use two small marshmallows on each side for legs. Use candies for the ear lobes and face. Kids will love playing with marshmallows and making a bunny creation all their own.

Coconut Cream Eggs

Help kids cook and make some coconut cream eggs. All you need is some cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, grated coconut, semi-sweet chocolate chips and shortening. To make, mix the cream cheese, butter, coconut and sugar in in bowl. Knead the dough and form into egg shapes. Then place on wax paper and chill in freezer for an hour. Take out and dip in melted chocolate and shortening. Put back onto wax paper to chill.

Bunny Bread

Make "bunny bread." Make large rolls with ears and a tail. Add other food items to decorate and make it into a bunny. Use raisins for the eyes, and other creative things to make the bunnies unique as well as tasty.

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