What to Put in Plastic Easter Eggs


Easter egg hunts can be fun for you, your children and their friends. Usually, the Easter eggs are stuffed with all sorts of candies and goodies. But if like most people you're always looking for new ways to entertain your children or perhaps, constructive things to do with all those leftover Easter eggs you purchased for that one big event, here are few ideas.


If you're running late for work, but need to take your kids to school first, chances are you don't have time to fix a traditional breakfast. You can fill an Easter egg with their favorite breakfast cereal and have them munch on it in the car before you drop them off. Having a few of these eggs handy can really be a time saver. Easter eggs make perfect little lunch box stuffers for healthy snacks, especially if you're worried about your children eating too much candy during the day. You can fill them with granola or their favorite nuts, too. Because of their size and the way they are constructed, you don't have to worry about the contents spilling. Simply secure the egg and turn to fasten.

Learning Tool

With a little innovation, you can turn multiplication, division, addition or subtraction into fun. For example, if your child is struggling with multiplication, consult the teacher about the assignment. Then, cut up little sheets of paper and write possible multiplication problems for your child to solve. Put the eggs in a basket. Blindfold your child and have him pick one of the eggs and answer the problem. The great thing about this game is that if your child has friends over, you can involve them in their learning process, too. You can also use this game to prepare your child for spelling or vocabulary tests.

Other Uses

If you're struggling to get organized, using your leftover Easter eggs can help you achieve your goal. You can put eye-shadow, foundation, cotton balls or astringent pads inside the eggs to help clear away clutter next to your vanity. These eggs are also great for holding bobby pins or clips for your hair. You can use them for organizing your desk area. They make great staple or paper clip holders, too. Use these eggs to hold spare change in your home or car.

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