Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Easter

Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets are common during Easter celebrations. Generally children wake up to find Easter baskets, which they then fill by going on an Easter egg hunt. Add a twist to tradition by creating a scavenger hunt for Easter.

Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt

Divide your scavenger-hunt participants into teams. Each team should fit into one car. There should be at least one adult per team to drive and supervise the team. Give each team a digital camera, an Easter egg and a list of 10 Easter-theme items they must search for. Ideas include: "A church message board listing Easter Sunday service times," "a golden egg," "a pink bunny," "a bowl of Easter eggs." The teams must take pictures of all the items on their list before returning. Each picture should include the item on the list with the Easter egg you gave them next to the item. The entire team must stay together throughout the hunt. The first team to complete the hunt and return wins. A team that receives a speeding ticket is disqualified.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

Fill plastic Easter eggs with candy and clues. Hide the eggs around the house and outside. As one egg is found it will give a clue to the next egg, ultimately leading to the Easter baskets. Place the first egg on the table or wherever the Easter baskets are located. Create clues hinting where the next egg can be found. For example, "When the dog is thirsty this is where she goes." Place an egg next to the dog's water bowl with the next clue. Continue filling the eggs with clues, placing them in the correct location. Make your clues easier for younger children and harder for older children or adults. At the end of the hunt have the Easter baskets or a gift.

Word Scavenger Hunt

Word scavenger hunt is good for children who are learning to read. Write a single word, such as "egg," on a piece of paper. Once the child reads the word "egg" she must find an egg for the next clue. Place a plastic Easter egg next to the eggs in the fridge with the next clue. Keep the clues related to the Easter theme. "Bunny," "Bible," "chocolate," "basket" and "candy" are some ideas. If the children can read well, use two words such as "pink bunny" or "your Bible."

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