Ideas for an Easter Scavenger Hunt for Children

Easter is a time of indulging in sweets and treats, and a good scavenger hunt provides exercise as well as excitement and adventure for children. A little creativity can make your egg hunt be remembered for Easters to come.

The Mask of The Bunny

With two paper plates and a string, players make bunny masks. On the first plate, cut out holes for the eyes. On the second plate, cut out two ovals for the ears. Attach the ears and string to the first plate to finish the mask, then decorate it. Players hunt for eggs while wearing the mask, adding an extra challenge to the egg hunt.

Easter Treasure

Decide ahead of time where each egg will be hidden. Create clues that lead players from one egg to the next. For an indoor hunt, a clue might say, "Be careful where you sit at dinner" if an egg is hidden on a dining room chair. Place each clue in a plastic egg, then hide the eggs in their designated places. On the last clue, tell the players to go to a location where a basket of treats awaits for each hunter.

Resurrection Hunt

Use plastic eggs and insert clues to find items that symbolize part of the Easter story. Kits are available to buy ahead of time to aid in this type of hunt. Clues will lead players to things such as a palm leaf, perfume, bread, silver coins, grapevine wreath, dice, a cross, nails, vinegar, a rock, spice and sheets. Share parts of the Easter story after each item or all the items are found.

Individualized Hunts

When the players come from a large range of ages, a coded hunt provides fairness and prevents arguments. Designate a color for each child before the hunt. Each child is allowed to collect eggs only of her specified color. Adults may hide eggs at a level that will challenge each child.

Easter Eve

For an evening hunt, stick a small piece of reflective mailbox tape on each egg. Provide a flashlight for each player. Test this game ahead of time by shining a flashlight on each egg to ensure its visibility. Adults may want to join in on this hunt or accompany children who are afraid of the dark.

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