Ideas for an Interesting Easter Egg Hunt

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During the Easter holiday, kids everywhere hunt for colorful eggs. Kids look under bushes, behind rocks and in tall blades of grass, hoping to find an egg with jelly beans or even money tucked inside. Easter egg hunts are a holiday tradition, and kids enjoy them. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can make an ordinary Easter egg hunt into an interesting one that the kids will love.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

This is an egg hunt that is more than just looking for eggs--it is figuring out clues that will help kids find the next egg and so on. The final egg will contain a clue that will lead to the treasure: the goody-filled Easter basket. Prepare a separate set of clues for each child. Write the clues on small slips of paper. If the child is really young, keep the clues simple, such as pictures or one-word clues. Put the clues inside the eggs and hide them. Don't forget to hide the Easter basket. Give each child his first clue and send him searching.

Prize Table Easter Egg Hunt

Place small items inside some of the plastic eggs, such as coins, stickers, candy or small toys. In the other eggs, write numbers on slips of paper and tuck them inside. Prepare a prize table with small toys, candy bars and a few larger items. Each item will be worth a number. For instance, if a child finds an egg with the number "10" inside, the child could redeem it for a large prize. If a number "2" is found, it could be redeemed for something smaller.

Flashlight Hunt

This is a fun nighttime Easter egg hunt that older kids and teens really enjoy. Hide the eggs outside in various places. You can fill the eggs with candy, money, small toys--you can even leave some empty. When it's dark outside, give each child a flashlight and a basket or bag and let the kids go hunting.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a chart for each child that lists the kinds of eggs to look for. As the child finds the eggs, they can be checked off on the chart. Here are a few ideas: ___Find 2 striped eggs ___Find 3 yellow eggs ___Find an egg hidden under a bush ___Find an egg that matches the color of your shirt Make sure there are plenty of eggs in the categories you choose so each child can complete her list.

Secret Location Easter Egg Hunt

Do your kids get tired of having the Easter egg hunt at the same place every year? Why not pick a secret location each year for the hunt. Pile the kids in the car, make sure you have lots of colorful plastic eggs and head for your secret location. Maybe you will take the kids to search for eggs at a favorite campsite in the mountains. If you live by the ocean or a lake with a beach, you could bury eggs in the sand (leave a little bit of color showing) and let the kids hunt for the buried treasure.

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