How to Buy Baby Chick Decorations for Easter

How to Buy Baby Chick Decorations for Easter image by MontageMan/flickr creative commons


Easter is a joyous spring holiday imbued with symbolism. One of the best parts of the holiday is the preparation that goes into the festivities. The baby chick, frequently used to represent new beginnings, is a charming addition to seasonal decor. Here are some ideas of where you can find decorations to incorporate these adorable birds into your Easter scheme.

Step 1

Check drugstores, larger retailers such as Target and local dollar stores for baby chick decorations during the Easter season. Leftover inventory is often put on sale the day after Easter, so stock up on discounted items for next year.

Step 2

Order baby chick decorations online. Many online stores, such as Seasonal Reflections or The Oriental Trading Company, specialize in holiday decorations. Baby chick wall hangings, ceramic figures and more are available.

Step 3

Search on eBay for high-quality, low-cost baby chick decorations. The selection varies depending on when you search. Be sure to check back often; you may find some unique surprises.


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Photo by: MontageMan/flickr creative commons

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