Easter Table Decoration Ideas


Easter table decorations can be made fairly quickly and inexpensively. Most of the ideas discussed here involve materials you will be able to find around your house or yard, and the time it will take to create them should be minimal. The items that need to be purchased are minor. Creating Easter table decorations is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Children can help you make these decorations and take pride in the finished product.

Easter Egg Tree

Find a decorative container you can use as the base of your Easter Egg Tree. It can be a planter, a can or even a wide vase or jar. Preferably, use something opaque; otherwise, you will need to cover it. Buy a piece of floral foam just large enough to fit into the container. Make sure it's a very tight fit so the foam cannot move around or shift. Fill in the areas around the foam with Easter grass, and put Easter grass on top of the foam to cover it. Find a couple of small branches in your yard. They will need to be lightweight and they will need to have several offshoots to use as the branches of your Easter Egg Tree. For a taller tree, select longer branches--just make sure they aren't heavy enough to topple over once inserted into the floral foam. Insert the bases of the two branches into the floral foam close together so it looks like one trunk is coming out of the grass. If you need some extra help holding the the branches together, tie a piece of Easter ribbon around them at the base. During the Easter season, it typically isn't hard to find tiny Easter eggs with ribbon or string already attached so they can be hung. They look like small ornaments. Buy a package of these to decorate your tree. Select a size appropriate for the length of your tree's branches. Spread them out so the tree doesn't look cluttered.

Flower Bouquet

Find or buy a large clear glass vase in any shape you want. You will also need a small juice glass that can fit inside the vase with room around it on all sides. Fill the juice glass with water, and then place it inside the vase. Buy or collect a bouquet of your favorite spring flowers, such as Lilies, Daffodils or Tulips. Using all one type of flower works best for this project. Put the flowers into the water in the juice glass. Wrap a piece of plastic wrap around the flower stems and over the top of the juice glass to cover the water. Then, carefully fill in the areas around the juice glass with a colorful Easter item. Use jelly beans, robin's eggs or any other small Easter candy. If you don't want to use actual candy, use tiny decorative Easter eggs.

Easter Eggs in Grass

Find or build a long, shallow rectangular tray. Make the length appropriate for the size of your table--the tray should extend across the center of the table. Either fill the tray with dirt in whch plant grass, which you'd need to do at least two weeks prior to Easter, or fill the box with a small section of sod. Once the tray is filled with lush green grass, center it on your table and place hard-boiled colored Easter eggs on it. Spread the eggs out so that lots of grass is visible.

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