Church Easter Crafts for Children

Making Easter crafts with your child is a collaborative way to celebrate the special day together. Church Easter crafts will allow your child to understand the religious significance of Easter, apart from commercial themes like the Easter bunny, chicks and eggs. Helping your kids with these crafts will allow you to tell Biblical stories that explain the significance of each activity.

Palm Leaf Keepsake

Showing children how to make palm leaves allows you to explain the importance of Palm Sunday, and also gives them a keepsake palm to wave in the wind when finished. Give each child a large piece of construction paper and tell them to trace a large leaf shape on their sheet. Demonstrate if necessary. Have each child cut out their leaves and fold them in half vertically. On the perimeter around each leaf, have kids cut a half-inch fringe, so that the leaves will shiver and shake when waved.

The Angel and the Stone

The most important fact about Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A memorable way to teach this to children is to construct a cave with an angel and a stone, straight from the Bible story. Take a paper plate and paint it gray with your children. Make sure that they color the top and bottom of the plate. Cut the plate in half, and staple the round edges together so that you make a half-moon that is hollow on the inside. This is the cave. Cut a small doorway out of the middle of one side of the cave. Let your children draw an angel in the doorway. Tell them the angel can be male or female, big or small, whatever they like. Crumple up a paper bag into a tight ball and paint it gray. Position it in front of the cave's doorway. Let children roll away the stone to reveal the angel and practice telling each other how the angel rolled the stone away to reveal that Jesus had risen.

New Life Seed

Planting new life seeds is a simple but elegant way to understand the fundamental meaning and value of Easter in the church. Using paper cups or small pots, scoop some fertile soil into the paper cups with a plastic spoon. Put some large seeds, such as peas, in each cup or pot and have the children gently pat the soil in place. Give each child two popsicles and tell them to glue them into the shape of a cross. Once the glue is dry, the children can stick the cross into the soil. Explain the connection of new life and the celebration of Easter. Allow each child to take the plants home and remind them to water them daily.

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