Easter Basket Crafts

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You might want to make your own Easter basket to add a special touch to the holiday. Create a craft that matches your kids' outfit. You may be able to use the basket as a centerpiece or spring decorative accessory later. The basket could be made using craft items that you already have in the house and a wicker basket.

Basket Crafts

Start with a basket with a handle. You'll need to line the basket so it can hold Easter eggs. Craft expert Martha Stewart recommends using a circle of satin or silk fabric that is three times bigger than the basket's diameter. Tuck the satin or silk fabric in place and secure with hot glue. You can finish off the top of the basket with seam binding or glue. Decorate the outside of the basket with faux flowers or leaves. Remove the flowers from the steams and glue over the entire surface of the basket using hot glue. Spray paint and fabric can spruce up an ordinary basket. Trace a pattern from paper so the fabric will fit tightly around the basket. Paint the basket a color that coordinates with your fabric. Sew a slipcover for your basket using an Easter material such as a bright floral print or gingham fabric. You can decorate the front of the slipcover with a row of buttons. Make straw for the basket by cutting a fringe from yellow felt and gluing it to the upper edge of the basket.

Baskets Made from Household Items

Create a basket from a large can like a coffee container. Decorative paper and glue will hide the can. Wrap ribbons around the paper. Create a handle by gluing a large pipe cleaner to either side of the basket and bending it. The handles are decorative only so you should pick up the basket by the base of the can. Make a papier-mâché basket for a festive craft. Blow up a balloon that will be the base of your basket. Dip strips of newspaper into liquid starch and cover the balloon with the paper. You'll want to cover the entire balloon except for the knot. Let the craft dry overnight. Pop the balloon and cut the top of the circle out. You can use scissors to form a zigzag decorative edge. Hide the newspaper by using decoupage medium and tissue paper in the color of your choice. You can create a feminine basket with paper. Start with paper with petal or leaf accents. The Better Homes and Gardens website recommends making a paste from a tablespoon of white glue and a cup of water. Dip the paper into the paste to make it stiff. Try using several sheets of paper on top of each other for added durability. Cut a cardboard circle in the size you want for the bottom of the basket. Put the circle in the bottom of the basket and fit the paper around the circle until it forms a bowl shape. Let the craft dry overnight. Make a decorative handle from ribbon and affix with glue. Dried flowers and twigs add a decorative accent to the handle.

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Photo by: Chapendra/Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/chaparral/450753805/

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