Easter Table Decorations for Preschool

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Add a festive touch to a preschool party with brightly colored Easter decorations set on the table. Children make these and set them out before the party begins. Cover the surface of the table with a paper table cloth to prevent spills from staining the table before setting out any decorations. The preschool children take home their table decorations as keepsakes and for use at their family Easter dinner.

Make Easter napkin rings

Print out the napkin ring template at www.dltk-holidays.com. Have the children color the template, and glue it onto a cardboard toilet tissue tube. An adult cuts the tube along the dotted lines to produce cardboard napkin rings. Have the children fish the corner of a cloth or paper napkin through each napkin ring and set on the table next to the plate.

Make Easter "candles" for the table

Print out the napkin ring template at www.dltk-holidays.com. Have the children color the template with crayons or markers and cut out the shapes. Glue the rectangle from the template around the outside of a cardboard toilet tissue tube. Glue the candle "flame" on top of the cardboard tube and the eggs around the edges. Add glitter or stickers. Place these flameless "candles" in the center of the table as an Easter centerpiece.

Make carrot utensil holders

Take an square orange paper napkin and open it to form a rectangle. Place a green plastic fork and spoon over the left lower corner. Roll the napkin around the utensils and continue rolling the napkin until it has been rolled the upper right corner. Tie a green ribbon or twist green pipe cleaners around the open top of the napkin where the utensils are sticking out. This creates an orange carrot shape with a green utensil "stem."

Make bunny face plates

Cut one paper plate in half to create two half circles. Glue or staple these 1 inch apart to the back of a second plate of the same size. The cut portions should face each other to form the "ears" of the bunny. Let children color their bunny plate. Use three licorice or candy straws, cut in half, for whiskers, two jelly beans for eyes, a Hershey's Kiss for a nose and two mini marshmallows for buck teeth. Place the Hershey's Kiss in the center of the plate. Arrange three candy straws on each side of the Kiss for whiskers, Place the two mini marshmallows below the Kiss for teeth. The two jelly beans are placed over the Kiss and closer to the ears for the bunny eyes. Set each one of these plates at each child's place setting.

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Photo by: Flikr.com: {just jennifer}: http://www.flickr.com/photos/justjennifer/1162883336/

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