Ideas for Homemade Easter Baskets

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Baskets full of candy and toys delight children every spring on the Easter holiday. Full of excitement, they take out the candy and use their baskets to collect their hidden dyed eggs. With all the important tasks of the Easter basket, it should be special. What could be more special than a homemade Easter basket? Making an Easter basket is a creative and thrifty project. It doesn't take much time to do but leaves a child with lasting memories.

Using Buckets

For a really thrifty basket idea purchase a kiddy beach pail in an Easter color. Cut out bunnies, chicks or eggs from craft foam. Glue the cutouts to the pail. Use wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners for whiskers and don't forget to give the rabbit a tie or a bow. Use stencils to cut out the child's name and glue the letters to the other side. Fill it with artificial grass and goodies. Not only is this a good Easter basket but they can use it at the beach in the summer. Another bucket idea uses smaller metal buckets. Cover the bucket with fabric by using a spray-on craft glue and a piece of fabric cut to fit the outside of the bucket. Next glue on a piece of fabric trim or binding around the top edge so the ends overlap about ¼ inch. Then do the same with the bottom edge. You can even cover the handle with the trim if you like. Decorate the basket with silk flowers or ribbons and bows.

Matching the Easter Outfit

Take a regular basket and turn it into a fashion accessory. Measure the inside of the basket and cut out a piece of fabric to use as a lining. Then find a piece of lace or fabric that matches your child's outfit. If the matching fabric is lace, sew it around the top of the lining to lay on the top edge of the basket. If you need to use fabric, such as a plaid to match a boys outfit, measure around the top of the basket and then double that measurement. Cut a strip of the fabric two inches wide using that measurement as the length. Sew the strip of fabric onto the top of the lining by folding the width (2 inches) in half with the right side of the fabric showing, and pinning it to the lining, bunching as you work your way around to make it fit.

Recycled Baskets and Boxes

Find some old baskets and spray paint them white. Then paint your favorite Easter scene on the outside. Glue ribbon around the top edge and around the handle. This can also be done with craft foam cutouts if you don't paint. This is a treasure they will keep forever. Decorate old wooden boxes or sturdy shoe boxes with contact paper. Then add some Easter stickers all around the box. Cut out a piece of cardboard for a handle and cover it with matching or a complimentary color contact paper. Attach the handle to the box well with glue.

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