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Egg decorating is an Easter tradition that goes back generations. To this day it's an exciting rite of passage to color the eggs and then use them in Easter egg hunts or as decorations around the house. But using the same old decorating tactics can be boring---we all know how to dip eggs in food coloring. Instead, use some new ideas to create interesting eggs that guests will be impressed with.

White Crayon Eggs

You can use a regular white wax crayon to color designs on your egg. Try stripes, polka dots or even faces. Then, when you lower your egg into the dye, the wax will prevent the dye from adhering to the places where it's been waxed, leaving you with an egg with white designs on it. Experiment with different designs and patterns and see what kind of egg you can come up with. Then set them out in a pretend bird's nest that you've purchased from a craft store and use them as a delicate centerpiece.

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

If you're willing to put in a little extra effort for some very impressive eggs, then try silk dying them with ties that you've purchased from the thrift store. Make sure that the ties are 100% silk (check the tag on the back of the tie). Wrap hard-boiled eggs in the silk tie, and then again in lightweight cotton, securing with an elastic. Boil in water with a 1/4 cup of vinegar for 20 minutes. Allow to cool until you can safely handle them. The design on the silk tie will transfer to the egg, leaving you with paisley, striped or designer eggs courtesy of the silk ties. They look great out on the table or hidden as Easter eggs.

Natural Eggs

We've seen eggs decorated in bright reds, yellow and blues, but what about using natural methods to dye your eggs vibrant, earthy colors? You can do this by boiling vibrantly colored natural foods, like beets, coffee or red cabbage. Meanwhile, boil your eggs to prepare them for dyeing. You can wrap them in cheesecloth to get a natural, uneven look, or leave them bare to saturate them with color. Just use the dyed water as you would store-bought dye, and check out the great colors you created with foods from your kitchen.

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