Easter Wall Decorating Ideas


This holiday, take Easter out of the basket and put it up your the wall with plenty of flowers, pastel colors and ribbons. Whether you decide to purchase your Easter decor or make it at home, be sure to go with a springtime theme as this is the time of year when everything is in bloom.

Make an Easter Wreath

Wreaths don't have to be relegated to Christmastime. Simply throw in some pretty pastel colors with delicate lace and flowing ribbons and you will have a springtime wreath to add to your wall. The materials needed for an Easter wreath, including plastic or foam wreaths, fake flowers and Styrofoam eggs, can be purchased a local arts and crafts store. Get 2 yards of cotton eyelet lace in a soft color such as peach or pink. Cover your wreath in accordion folds that are 1 inch in width. Use a glue gun, wire or needle stitches to fasten your lace. In the center of circle of your wreath, fasten deep blue or purple lace in folds, just as you did before. Now it's time to decorate your lace wreath. Cut between five and eight pieces of pink ribbon, or another color to your liking, to form tiny bows. Make sure you cut these pieces the same length. Fasten these along the lighter color lace on your wreath. You may use pastel-colored paints and even glitter to decorate Styrofoam Easter eggs to fasten over the blue or purple lace. You may also want to purchase tissue or organza flowers and arrange them on your wreath as you wish. To finish off, make a loop of ribbon and attach the ends to the back of your wreath. Now you are ready to hang it on your wall.

Some Others To Consider

With all the extra supplies you might have left over from making your wreath, try gathering up some Easter photographs and old Easter cards to hang on your wall. Making a photo or card display will consist of lace, paper clips, a glue gun and some push pins. Attach the push pins at the ends of two long pieces of lace, the same in length, on your wall. Make sure the pieces are horizontal and parallel to each other. Use your glue gun to fasten photographs, cards and buttons to the paper clips. You may also want to glue flowers and other festive items as well. After they dry, you can hang them on the pieces of ribbon. If you're not in the mood to make your own Easter wall decorations, try purchasing some decorative wall decals from your local department or grocery store. Many places sell small Easter eggs, bunnies and more that you can stick directly to your wall. You might also find some life sized ones as well. Make sure your wall is safe to stick these items to as the removal of these might take some paint off.

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