Ideas for Easter Egg Decoration

Aside from the chocolate rabbits and brightly decorated woven baskets, dying eggs is the best part of Easter. Make the eggs at this year's Easter egg hunt stand out by adding a few artistic elements. These eggs can still be decorated, dyed and hidden with the assistance of some eager little assistants.

Easter Egg Family

Make all the members of a child's family into Easter eggs. Use yarn of different colors and lengths for the hair. Cut out stands for the eggs out of different colors of construction paper. These stands will also act as the clothing. Draw faces on the eggs with felt tip markers. Add ribbons in the females' hair, cut small ties out of construction paper for the men and dress the kid's in their favorite sporting uniforms. Attach all of the elements with glue and don't forget to make the family pet into its own Easter egg creation as well.

Rubber Bands

Utilize rubber bands to make distinct and interesting decorative touches on Easter eggs. Wrap the egg with rubber bands of different sizes. Dip the egg in traditional egg coloring and allow the color to dry. Remove the rubber bands and place new ones on in a different pattern. Dip the egg in another color and once again allow it to dry before taking off the rubber bands. The egg can be rewrapped in the rubber bands and dipped in different colors as many times as desired.

Dripping Wax

Light the wick of any candle and drip the wax onto the egg. Allow the wax to harden and then dip the egg into a traditional egg coloring. Allow the egg coloring to dry and remove the wax with a blunt object, such as a butter knife. Leave the egg as is or drip more wax onto the egg and once again dip the egg into a different color.

Easter Bunny

Make the Easter Bunny out of a dyed egg. Dye the egg in any desired color. Once the egg has dried, attach ears that have been cut from construction paper to the top of the egg with glue. Glue a set of googly eyes to one side of the egg. Add a pair of buck teeth, a nose and whiskers with a black felt tipped marker. Turn the egg around and glue a small cotton ball to the back of the egg with glue.

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