How to Decorate Ukranian Easter Eggs


Decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs is an ancient art. It is also called Pysanky, which means "to write." With this technique, you will literally write on the eggshell with wax, then dip the egg into dye. By repeating the steps, you will add multiple colors to the design on the egg. With proper preparation, these eggs can be displayed for years.


Step 1

Choose an egg design. You can find these in books or online.

Step 2

Mix the dye according to the directions on the package. Some colors will require vinegar to be added. Let the dye cool.

Step 3

Remove the eggs from the refrigerator and bring to room temperature.

Step 4

Place the newspaper over a level work area. Assemble all of the items needed. Place an egg on two tissues that have been folded to make a little pad.

Step 5

Clean the egg with a half-and-half solution of vinegar and water. Dab the egg with a tissue dipped in the mixture. Do not rub.

Step 6

Draw the design you would like on the egg. Use light pencil strokes. Do not erase mistakes. Pencil lines will disappear during the dyeing process.

Decorate the Eggs

Step 1

Heat the head of the stylus in the flame of the candle and scoop a bit of beeswax into the funnel. Reheat until the wax is completely melted.

Step 2

Apply the wax to the lines over your pencil lines. The dye will not color the egg where the wax is adhered to the shell.

Step 3

Dip the egg into the dye and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Dab dry with a tissue.

Step 4

Repeat the steps. Add new design lines with wax and new colors with dye.

Finish the Eggs

Step 1

Hold the egg to the side of the candle flame. When the wax looks wet, use a clean tissue to wipe it off.

Step 2

Apply a glossy finish to the egg with clear gloss varnish. Use your fingers to apply varnish evenly.

Step 3

Use the egg-blower or syringe to empty the egg. Sit the egg on the drying rack so it can fully drain.

Step 4

Display your egg. Once it is dry, display your Ukrainian Easter Egg in a safe place.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not hold the egg over the top of the candle flame. The flame will leave a carbon mark on the egg. Do not eat the raw egg after draining. The dye is not edible. Let the eggs reach room temperature naturally. Do not immerse them in water. This will affect the way the dye adheres to the eggshell.

Things You'll Need

  • Eggs
  • Ukrainian Easter Egg dye
  • Orange dye wash
  • Jars for dye mix
  • Vinegar
  • Newspaper
  • Tissue
  • Stylus (Kistka)
  • Candle and matches
  • Beeswax
  • Egg blower or syringe
  • Varnish
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