Easy Cake Decorating Ideas for a Mom's Day Cake

Your mother will be delighted that you've decorated a cake for her special day. After eating children's birthday cakes the rest of the year, Mom would appreciate something more sophisticated. There are simple and options that are easy to create. You can decorate a Mother's Day cake with just a few basic cake-decorating supplies. No complicated frosting flowers necessary.

Edible Flowers

Buy chemical-free edible flowers in the produce section. Leave them as-is or sugar the flowers by gently brushing them with egg whites, sprinkling superfine sugar on them and allowing them to dry on a wire rack overnight. Write each child's name in icing and place an edible flower next to each name. The icing can be colored to match a child's birthstone. Also place flowers around the outside edge of the cake.

Crossword Puzzle

If your mom is a crossword puzzle enthusiast, decorate her cake like a crossword puzzle. Create a grid with icing or place square or rectangular cookies on the cake. Put white icing in the squares (or on the cookies) where you'll write "Happy Mother's Day" or the names and birthdates of her children. Decorate the other squares with chocolate icing.

Quilt Cake

If your Mom makes quilts, create a simple quilt pattern on the cake. Before frosting the cake, score grid lines with a toothpick and frost the different areas with different colors of frosting. Outline each square in icing and place a berry or dot of frosting at the corner of each square. Write her children's names on the cake, with one letter in each square, or draw a shape (such as a heart or star) in each square.


Spell out "Mom" and her children's first initials on the cake in berries. Use blueberries for boys and raspberries for girls. Also place fresh berries around the outside edge of the cake. If your frosting is thick enough, spell out the children's names on the sides of the cake in blueberries. (Raspberries are too delicate to be pressed firmly into the frosting.)

Edible Photo

Some bakeries can print a photograph of Mom and the kids on edible paper. Select one favorite photo that includes everyone, or several pictures showing each child engaging in a favorite activity. If you use more than one photo, you can have them printed small enough so that all the photos fit on the top of the cake or place some photos on the sides of the cake.

Kids Go Wild

Give each child a tube of icing and let them write their names on the cake. Help smaller children sign their names, or let them place a blob of icing as their signature. Let the kids cover the rest of the cake with lines, dots and squiggles of icing.

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