School Activities for Mothers Day

Celebrating Mother's Day doesn't just have to mean making cards in school to take home. Create a festive classroom event and invite all the mothers to participate in the fun and games with their child. Be sure to have some snacks and drinks, and for an extra special touch, have the students make tiaras beforehand for their mothers to wear at the event.

Photo Frame

The photo (of the mother and child) for this frame should already have been taken and be ready to go. Cut out a simple cardboard frame (use a template) for each child in the class. Each mother sits next to her child at a table where craft materials are available for decorating the frame. You can lay out materials for watercolors or sponge painting (although this can be more messy), foam stickers, glitter, pom-poms, pipe cleaners or any other materials you have. Let the mother-child team decorate the frame together. When the frame is finished, stick the photo inside and lay it aside to dry. Make sure to do this activity first so the frame has time to dry before the mothers go home.

Relay Races

These games are easy and fun to play, and the mother can let the child do most of the work if she isn't comfortable participating. Some appropriate relay races include balancing an egg on a spoon (even more fun is to decorate the egg beforehand), blindfolding the child while the mother guides the child with her voice to a finish line, wheelbarrow racing, and an especially fun one--the mommy mummy race, where the child has to wrap an entire roll of toilet tissue paper around the mother. If the mother isn't comfortable with this, then let her wrap the child instead.

Speedy Portraits

Give each mother-child team two pieces of paper and a pencil. The object here is to draw a quick portrait of the other person in three minutes. Let the mother go first, while the child sits as still as possible. Then the two switch positions. Adjust the time limit if necessary. After both mother and child have drawn each other's portraits, collect the papers and see if the children can guess the identity of each portrait.

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