Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

The average mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals for the family. Give her a break on Mother's Day by cooking her a delicious brunch with her favorite foods. Even if the French toast doesn't turn out like hers, she'll appreciate the effort and the break she gets from cooking duties. Don't forget to wash the dishes when the meal is done. Let the guest of honor kick up her feet and relax from sunup to sundown.

Guest List

The guest list for the Mother's Day brunch depends on several factors. Most Mother's Day activities involve immediate- or extended-family members. Some families like to keep the Mother's Day activities more intimate with just immediate families. In most extended families there are several mothers to honor at the brunch. If you have several close friends or neighbors, you might plan a group brunch honoring all of the moms in the group.


Mother's Day brunch decorations create a festive atmosphere for the event. Flowers are a basic Mother's Day tradition that work well as the brunch decorations. Choose a bright bouquet of flowers for the table centerpiece. Keep in mind the guest of honor's favorite type of flowers when selecting the bouquet. Add a framed picture of the moms in attendance for a personal touch to the decorations. Candles in spring colors also work well for the Mother's Day brunch decor.


Begin planning the Mother's Day brunch well in advance so you can coordinate all of the components. If you're inviting people outside of the immediate family, send out invitations or call them a few weeks ahead of time so they reserve the date. Many brunch dishes are easy to prepare the day before which saves you time on Mother's Day.


Brunch menus combine both breakfast and lunch dishes, which provides variety for the guests. Consider the guest of honor's favorite dishes when planning the menu. Casseroles, French toast, waffles, muffins, pastries, quiche, potato dishes and fruit all work well for the Mother's Day brunch menu. Add a few desserts such a cheesecake or angel-food cake to round out the selection.


Making favors for the Mother's Day brunch is a nice way to thank all of the guests, particularly if you invite those outside the immediate family. Mother's Day usually brings to mind flowers and springlike items. A decorative flower pot with a packet of seeds tucked inside works well as a party favor. Another option reminiscent of Mother's Day is a tea-related gift. Place a tea sample inside a decorative tea cup for each guest.

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