Children's Games to Play on Mother's Day


Mother's Day is an important holiday for kids to celebrate early in life. Help kids appreciate the day with games that will be fun to play while they remember the love of their mom. These games are intended for children between 4 and 9 years old.

Word Search

This word game is a holiday favorite for classroom activities. In a square jumble of letters, kids must find and circle words such as "Mother," "Family," "Love" and "Mama." This game reminds kids about all of the positive qualities they learn from their mother. It can be reprinted and given to multiple children as a group activity. Children should be encouraged to draw a picture and write a message on the back of the paper so they can give it to their mom when they've completed the word search.

Mom 'Jeopardy'

With mom playing the part of Alex Trebek, have the kids answer various questions about their mom. So instead of categories like "18th Century Literature" and "Horticulture," create questions that would fit into "Mom's Favorite Books" or "Mom's Garden" or other pertinent categories. This game works best if you have three or more kids to play with, but it will still work with fewer players. If dad puts the questions together, this could even be played as a "Jeopardy" and "Newlywed Game" combo.

Mother Interview

This is less of a game than an activity/craft. But since Mother's Day is all about treating mom like a celebrity, this is a fun way to keep that sentiment. Kids can write questions on index cards that they've also decorated with drawings. When the interview commences, the kid can act like David Letterman or Katie Couric and ask their mother all about her childhood, interests and memories. When the interview is over, the cards should be given to mom as keepsakes.

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