How to Purchase Potassium Nitrate


Potassium nitrate (also known as saltpeter) is a main ingredient in some brands of fertilizer and tree stump removers. It's also often used in fireworks and to make smoke bombs. Potassium nitrate isn't gun powder. Rather, it's a component of it. If you're looking for potassium nitrate to make your own pyrotechnics or conduct a science experiment with it, it's relatively easy to find.

Step 1

Visit your local garden supply store and look for potassium nitrate by its most common alternative name--saltpeter. It may also be called "nitrate of potash" or "Vesta powder." It's also a main ingredient in Spectracide Stump Remover or Grant's Stump Remover.

Step 2

Visit the "Business and Industrial" category on the eBay website (see Resources). You can purchase potassium nitrate online from several different sellers.

Step 3

Visit the The Science Company website (see Resources) and purchase potassium nitrate there. Be advised the company does not accept returns, even if the containers are unopened.

Step 4

Visit the website (see Resources) to purchase Humco SaltPetre Powder (potassium nitrate).

Tips and Warnings

  • Read the cautions and warnings on the potassium nitrate containers. To turn granular potassium nitrate into a powder, put it in a blade-type coffee grinder. However, never grind combustible mixed compositions such as black powder.


  • YouTube- where to buy potassium nitrate

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  • eBay
  • The Science Company
  • Humco SaltPetre Powder
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