Fourth of July Kids Activities

Before you and the kids begin eating hot dogs and apple pie on the fourth of July, have a little bit of fun celebrating with kid activities. Start the afternoon or evening by dressing kids in patriotic clothes and having them parade past the adults at your gathering. Simple activities like volleyball, badminton and kickball will have kids bragging that your Fourth of July party was a blast.

Cake History

Bake a white cake in a rectangular pan. Set it on a table with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream. Encourage children to decorate the cake like a flag while you explain the significance of the stars and stripes. If you have more than three kids participating, bake cupcakes for kids to decorate while you read about the American flag.


Have children draw chalk pictures of fireworks on the sidewalk or on black construction paper. Or, try this art project from The Idea Box website: cut a circle out of black construction paper, place it inside a salad spinner and drop colorful paint on the paper before spinning it. After spinning, remove the paper and sprinkle glitter on it to create a fireworks effect.

Independence Battle

Create two teams to simulate the battle between England and the United States of America with water balloons. Give one team red balloons and the other team blue. Before the battle starts, remind the kids July 4th is the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the the Second Continental Congress, but a bloody battle was fought before Americans became free of England.

Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Arrange a scavenger hunt for kids to find flags, money with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on it, cookies shaped like flags, star fruit and star stickers. Give kids red, white and blue bags to collect their goodies. Give them lemon-lime soda with a toothpick spear holding blueberries and cherries as they finish the hunt.

Paper Crafts

Teach children how to make Uncle Sam's tall hat out of construction paper and paper plates. Or make a hand flag by making red stripes with their hands on a large piece of paper and white stars with their thumb prints. Make red, white and blue paper chains to string across a finish line; kids will enjoy breaking the paper chain as they complete a race.

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