How Preschoolers Can Make Gift Bags for Father's Day


Children love being creative, and they love giving gifts. Combining the two by making gift bags for Father's Day is a way to provide them with hours of fun. These are easy to make and require nothing more than ordinary supplies found in most preschools.

Step 1

Prepare plates by cutting the top one third from half the plates with the shears or scissors. These will become the front of the gift bag. Place a two-thirds plate face-to-face with a complete plate and punch a hole every half inch through both plates. Do this for sufficient plates.

Step 2

Write on the front of the complete plate a child's name, the school name, the date, and the occasion. Ensure that the writing will be seen when the plate is assembled.

Step 3

Give the children their set of plates, and have them decorate the back of each plate. Decorative ideas can be as simple as handprints drawn with crayons; glued on sparkles, macaroni and ribbons, and even digitized photos of the children cut into heart shapes and glued to the front. Have children glue a six-inch loop of yarn for a handle to the backside top of what will be the back plate.

Step 4

Set plates aside until all the glue and paint has dried, then pass the plates back to the children. Give them an appropriate length of yarn and show them how to match up the holes, and thread the yarn through the holes. They should leave enough on both the left and right side of the plate for a looped knot to be tired, ensuring the plates stay together.

Step 5

Stuff the finished bags with appropriate material such as Father's Day cards, poems flowers or other trinkets.

Things You'll Need

  • Plain white paper plates
  • Thick knitting yarn in bright colors
  • One-hole paper punch
  • Decorative shears (optional) or scissors
  • Decorative materials


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