Children's Spring Party Ideas

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The flowers, the rain, the melting snow and the re-emerging animals make it a time of rebirth and joy. Having a party in spring is a lot of fun, especially with Easter activities. There are many activities that you and your children can perform at a spring party which offer plenty of excitement and bonding.

Easter Party

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is in many ways the most important day in Christianity. However, this solemn holiday also has a fun twist for the children: the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts. On the day of Easter, weather permitting, having an outdoor Easter party can be a wonderful event. Make Easter baskets filled with candy for each child. Hide painted hard boiled eggs around the yard and set your children loose to find them. Have an adult dress up like the Easter bunny to entertain the children. You can have a wide variety of games such as pin the tail on the Easter bunny. If you are religious, you can have bible readings as well. Make them fun for the children so they will be entertained.

Crazy Sports

While there are many fun winter sports for children to play, spring is the first time in the season that children can get out and enjoy the outside without special clothes. Celebrate this by having a wacky sports party. Get sports paraphernalia, like baseball banners, sports cards to place on the tables, jersey's for the children to wear, baseball caps, footballs, soccer balls and anything sport your kids might enjoy. Have a radio broadcasting sport games if possible, or tape a game to play later if you must. Use a microphone to announce the sports events yourself. Serve hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas and Kool-Aid. Set up a small obstacle course. Introduce games like backwards crab walk, blind leapfrog, Frisbee golf, hardboiled egg relay races and playing basketball with a football. The games will provide the children with hours of fun.

Medieval Party

The medieval period has captured the minds of children for centuries with all of its dashing knights and beautiful princesses. Spring was often celebrated as a time of re-birth and future growth in the medieval period so a medieval party is an excellent theme for a children's party. Make sausages and thick breads for food but make sure that it is tasty. Offer some candy and potato chips too, so the kids can still have some fun with the food. Have events like jousting, where children lightly hit each other with foam swords. Get nice dresses for the girls who want to dress up like princesses, but also have knight costumes available for the boys or girls who want to be knights. Let the children elect a king and queen.

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