Easter Science Activities for Kindergarten

Easter's concentration on animals lends itself way to basic biology or science lessons for kindergarten-age children. The holiday's bunny and baby chick themes, as well as the tradition of decorating eggs, can be easily given educational meaning. The projects can be performed as a group or on an individual level with each child.

Dyeing Egg

Children in kindergarten are beginning to understand the mixing of the primary colors to create other variations of colors. Use the Easter tradition of coloring hard-boiled eggs to further convey this point. Set up each child with a cup of red, blue and yellow dyes, several hard-boiled and lots of paper towels. Although most of the egg-dyeing kits are washable, you might want to have the children wear smocks regardless. Have each child use the primary-color dyes to create a variety of other colors on the eggs, such as purple, green and orange.

Life of a Chick

Teach children about the life cycle of a chicken using eggs, Peeps (chick-shaped Easter candy) and photos of adult chickens. Bring live chicks and chickens to the class if possible. Explain to the children how chickens begin as eggs, hatch into baby chicks and grow into chickens. Have them draw pictures portraying the life cycle on construction paper for display around the room, and give them a Peeps treat as a special snack.

Rabbit Habits

Use the Easter bunny reference to teach the facts about this interesting species of animal. Explain to the children the lifestyle of rabbits, including habitats, the foods they eat, their natural adaptations (such as large ears) and the differences between rabbit species. Bring in a live rabbit to give the children a fun visual. Have them each illustrate one fact learned about rabbits from the lesson. These pictures can become Easter decorations.

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